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To order these books, or other items, download and print out the BLC Book Order form (PDF document).




John McKinseyís The Lincoln Secret


Johnís new fiction novel is a  modern-day, mystery-adventure fiction novel featuring a woman caught up in the suspenseful and fast-moving search for answers to real historical mysteries about Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. 


Great for summer reading, the novel is based on Johnís extensive historical research about Lincolnís life.  One of the mysteries involves Lincolnís origins right here in North Carolina! 


More details regarding this latest work of fiction can be found at the book's website.




Annis Ward Jackson's historical novel, Into The Twilight.

Following a successful book signing at the museum, Jacksonís book is available in the Bostic Lincoln Center Musuem or directly from the author (see details below).

Over the past one hundred and fifty years, Lincoln biographers have largely ignored the generational lore of Lincoln's North Carolina connection.  Jackson has extracted a sequence of events from this vast body of lore and along with her researched historical and societal matters, has created an enjoyable and intriguing story that readers may have difficulty accepting as anything but the truth.  Jackson gives life to the story of Lincoln's North Carolina roots by allowing the characters to speak in their own voices. 

Into The Twilight traces Lincoln's real father from his beginnings in Charleston, SC, to the mountains of Rutherford County in 1780.  As realistically as the relationships are portrayed, the descriptions of daily life in the late eighteenth century are equally important to the story.  Ms. Jackson will be in the museum to discuss her book as well as to sign your personal copy!

Into The Twilight (200 pp) can be ordered directly from
  SunnyBrick Publishers
  1357 Brown Road
  Sparta, NC  28675
for $19.95 + $3.00 S&H.  Check or Money Order only.  Autographed upon request.

Annis Ward Jackson