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Life of Lincoln

by William Herndon

Written by Lincoln’s career law partner, Judge William “Billy” Herndon.  Despite the severe immediate hate for him, correctly affirmed first-hand that one of our nation’s greatest leaders was definitely not a Lincoln.



The Genesis of Lincoln

By James Harrison Cathey

Testimony and evidence that opened up the likelihood/affirmation that Abraham Lincoln was born in North Carolina.



The Eugenics of Abraham Lincoln

By James Caswell Coggins

The simple truth is that Abraham Lincoln himself knew that he had filtered from North Carolina as the son of Abraham Enloe and Nancy Hanks. And he told this to one of his special friends upon the eve of the election. “My mother is from Rutherford County, and my right name is Enloe, but I have always gone by the name of my stepfather.”



The Tarheel Lincoln

North Carolina Origins of “Honest” Abe (2003)
By Jerry A. Goodnight and Richard Eller

The story of Abraham Lincoln’s birth in North Carolina was common knowledge among area residents in the 19th century. The tale would become part of the folklore fabric of America and it would not go away.



Abraham Enloe of Western North Carolina

The Natural Father of Abraham Lincoln (2008)

by Don Norris


The illiterate Tom Lincoln, long thought to be Abraham’s father, could never have sired the sixteenth president of the United States. This book traces the footsteps of Abraham Enloe from cradle to grave.




Dear Companion
By Jean Tisdale

Contains some of her Dycus ancestor’s correspondence throughout the Civil War, including one specific 1864 letter to her soldier husband at the defense of Richmond. It reads in part, “Aside from the war, the talk is about Old Abe, being born here. Mrs. Martin tells as to how she saw Nancy Hanks and her baby in the wagon train going west.”